LORRAINE SERAFINI Founder For almost 20 years, founder of Joli Fleur, Lorraine Serafini has been drawing inspiration from her own personal experiences and her love of nature towards growing her business in plant and floral design. Over the years, she has worked as an international model with major fashion houses and notable photographers in the industry all the while, coupling her travels with experiencing some of the most prestigious gardens throughout Europe, South America and the United States. Formal education through the Barnes Arboretum granted her the science, method and design as a horticulturalist. A degree in Integrative Art from Pennsylvania State University also fuels her artistry. Lorraine has been praised for her unique ability to execute her thoughtful designs for residential gardens, beer gardens, property management companies, restaurants to five star international hotels in New York and Philadelphia. Lorraine's style and selection of the finest quality product ensures that each creation has a firm sense of individualism, seasonality, relates to the uniqueness of the space and enhances the beauty of the environment.